Artist Profile: Kipani

The Binghamton music scene has a lot of forward momentum right now. It’s honestly been a bit difficult to keep up with at times. Which makes it all the more impressive that the indie pop trio Kipani are blasting toward the stratosphere. That sonic boom is hard to miss, even in a city overloaded with musical talent like this one.

Kipani are a three-piece indie pop group that check off my very biggest musical box: their sound is unique and miles apart from anything else I’ve heard in the genre. So unique, in fact, that calling them “indie pop” doesn’t seem to do them justice. Kipani themselves refer to their sound as diary pop, an apt description for their intimately personal lyrics flowing over a score of rhythmic, upbeat, manually-generated pop.

There’s definitely an undercurrent of pop-emo vibes coursing through their music. Tiffany Jhingoor’s vocals are reminiscent of Paramore’s Hayley Williams blended with a hearty dash of the not-so-emo Australian pop duo The Veronicas. And their music reminds me a bit of later-era Kaiser Chiefs pop with some funky Vulfpeck energy worked into the mix, and even a tiny hint of pop-punk, like Green Day or Blink 182. It all comes together brilliantly for Kipani and helps them create a breakout sound, the hallmark characteristic of all the truly great original Binghamton music acts.


Kipani originally formed as a solo act in everyone’s all-time favorite year, 2020. Tiffany Jhingoor started out with solo aspirations before bringing drummer Mike McManamon into the project, who then brought in his lifelong friend Sean Sherwood for his guitar and bass talents. All three came up through the Binghamton theatre scene, but they didn’t really get to know each other until the formation of the band.

That theatre background has proven itself invaluable, translating into an intense live show and a flurry of highly entertaining music videos with top-notch production values. You don’t always find bands with stage and studio energy that match up well. This isn’t an issue for Kipani, who put in every effort to create immersive experiences on stage that we’d love to see a lot more of.

Kipani released their debut EP Lotus in 2021, followed by their freshman LP Spoiled Ingrates in 2023. They’ve toured the East Coast to support both releases. They were featured in EARMILK, and they also signed with Elton Audio Records out of New Jersey. And let’s not forget to mention that they’ve performed at Spiedie Fest, Binghamton Porchfest, and the Vintage Makers Music and arts Festival in Jackson, Tennessee. And 2024 looks to be their most exciting year yet, with a planned EP release and their biggest tour to date.

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We’re looking forward to reviewing the new EP from Kipani when it drops. So we hope you’ll stop by and give it a read when that’s out. In the meantime, you’ll definitely want to follow Kipani online and visit them across the web:

Kipani are signed with Elton Audio Records. You can contact them for bookings by reaching out to Ryan Mastrelli at Arrowhead Bookings ( For press and media inquiries, contact Louis ( at Elton Audio Records.

Kipani: Drummer Mike McManamon, singer/ songwriter Tiffany Jhingoor, and bassist and guitarist Sean Sherwood
Kipani: Drummer Mike McManamon, singer/ songwriter Tiffany Jhingoor, and bassist and guitarist Sean Sherwood
Kipani have a uniquely modern sound, so don't let this photo of them dressed in vintage garb fool you.
Kipani have been making a name for themselves with a high-energy stage show and their innovative indie-pop sound.