Write With Us

Interested in writing with us here at Parlor City Sound? We’re always on the lookout for aspiring writers and music journalists looking to contribute to local music scenes (wherever “local” may refer to). This could be a great opportunity if you’re looking for a new hobby, or you want to learn about content and SEO, or both. Please take your time and read this page from start to finish if you’d like to write with us.

What you’d be writing about

As a staff writer at Parlor City Sound, you’ll be tasked with hunting down stories worth writing about on your own. Interviews with unsigned or indie musicians, profiles on local businesses that help music scenes grow, news articles about music in general—it’s all welcome here. You’ll have the creative freedom to mostly write about whatever you feel like writing about.

We DO write about:

  • Unsigned music acts and acts signed with indie labels (profiles
  • Reviews on music releases and live performances you’ve heard/ seen
  • Interviews with artists and business owners in your area
  • News articles related to unsigned and indie music and businesses related to music
  • Opinion articles about the state of the music industry itself or local music scenes
  • Useful guides that aim to help musicians, whole music acts, and businesses

We DON’T write about:

  • Paid advertising content of any kind (it’s not welcome here)
  • Acts signed with major record labels
  • undeserved negativity; articles designed to complain without really helping anyone or anything, content with a negative energy toward music scenes or artists for the sake of being negative

Who we’re looking for

Ideal writers at Parlor City Sound are interested in unsigned and indie music of any genre. They know their local music scene at least casually. They try to make it out for live music locally or regionally, and they believe in the importance of supporting local music. They’re willing to take photos at live shows, to reach out to artists and business owners, and approach their local scenes and the area itself in a positive, supportive, nurturing way.

The ability to write great, knowledgeable guides is also hugely useful to us. A guitar luthier interested in writing repair guides. A sound engineer explaining how to work the board. An A&R rep with tips on getting signed, or a talent manager explaining the business side of music. We consider all of that educational information vital to a musician’s success, and we want to publish as much of that as we can!

Some notes on who we’re looking for at Parlor City Sound:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. We can’t pay writers yet but we have every intention of doing so in the future, so the age thing is a requirement.
  • This is, for now anyway, an unpaid gig. The revenue we’re generating doesn’t yet pay the bills, but once we clear that hurdle paying writers is #1 on our agenda
  • You need to have your own desktop or laptop computer and an internet connection. We work from home and don’t have a central office space (and probably never will)
  • You’re responsible for your own tickets, cover charges, album purchases, and travel expenses. Again, we don’t have money. If we get these things for free ever, we give them out to the writers best suited for the content, usually based on location and activity.


Parlor City Sound isn’t paying writers at this time (or ourselves, for that matter). What little revenue this site generates is used to pay for hosting and other services. If we start generating enough revenue to break even, paying our writers is next on the agenda. But if you reach out to us, please understand that we cannot pay you at present. It stinks, we know. But until this site grows and we’re no longer paying for everything out of our own pockets, we can’t afford to pay writers. We’re hoping that will change in the future!

Apply here!

Did you read all of that? Are you still interested in helping us start a ragtag team of volunteer writers? Rad! Fill out this form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

  • Your first and last name as you'd like it to appear on your byline. We don't accept screen names here ... sorry Fruitninjalvr69
  • We don't need your actual address. We just want to know what area you're generally located in and what area would be on your beat. If not in the United States, please include your country too.
  • Please check all that apply. You must choose at least one. You don't have to pick more than one, but you can if you want.
  • Let us know why you'd like to write for Parlor City Sound. We'd also love to hear about your favorite genres, your writing experience, etc.