Artist Profile: Ms. Honey and the Hive

The Binghamton music scene is one that thrives on originality. So to find success in the Triple Cities as a cover band, there’s really two ways to go about it. Either you’re doing something unexpected like the Bro-Bro’s, or you’re taking the Ms. Honey and the Hive approach: carving out a niche you’re genuinely passionate for and excelling in that space.

Ms. Honey and the Hive are a six-piece band covering classic blues, soul, R&B, and Motown standards with precision and an obvious respect for their source material that runs deeper than just slapping together a setlist of songs they mutually enjoy. They stick to those lanes where their strengths reside, tossing in a bit of creative flair along the way. And the end result is an entertaining live show from a very dependable, bookable band who are more than likely to find their fanbase within the Binghamton music scene growing with each and every performance.


To deliver this level of consistent quality performing hits in these genres, the drums and bass need to be tight. So the surgical drumming of David Lane and the top-flight percussion of Rob Schultheisz are definitely necessary, offering a rock-solid backbone to every song. All while bassist Mitch Jackson tours his fretboard with finesse and stand-out style.

Rhythm guitarist Dan Pearce and lead guitarist Mike Whittemore round out their instrumentals with excellent playing up front, and with Whittemore adding keys and harmonica as well. And Schultheisz joins Pearce and Whittemore in providing backing vocals, offering Ms. Honey and the Hive a full, textured sound.

And then we come to Ms. Honey herself, Vanessa Snyder, a crowd-pleasing singer with depth and a knack for showmanship. Snyder delivers great vocals that compliment the band’s strengths, and with a range that easily keeps up with every number they tackle.

Ms. Honey and the Hive formed in June of 2022, and since then they’ve appeared at Binghamton Porchfest in 2022 and 2023, Owego Porchfest in 2023, and at PawFest 2023. They’re regularly gigging in the Greater Binghamton area, so keep an eye out for their upcoming appearances. And be sure to take a look at the Parlor City Sound Events Calendar for their next shows too!

Ms. Honey and the Hive performing at the John Barleycorn. Image courtesy of Ms. Honey and the Hive
Ms. Honey and the Hive performing at the John Barleycorn. Image courtesy of Ms. Honey and the Hive

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We’re really proud of ourselves for getting through this whole article without swarming you with any bee puns, so let’s avoid that sting entirely and buzz straight into the band’s links where they pollinate the Internet with an ambrosia of … okay, yep, we’ll stop while we’re ahead. But definitely check out Ms. Honey and the Hive online by visiting them at the following links!

Ms. Honey and the Hive are an unsigned, self-represented band. You can contact them directly at or message them on social media for bookings and press/ media inquiries.