Binghamton Music Releases: Epic, Exciting New Albums in 2024

2024 is shaping up to be jam-packed with Binghamton music releases. It seems like nearly every artist profile we write mentions a new EP or LP slated for release this year. So we thought it might be fun to put together this release calendar, showcasing all of the Binghamton music releases we know about that will drop in 2024.

We’re trying to be as comprehensive as possible. And we do intend to keep this list updated as often as we’re able. But the Binghamton music scene is massive, with music spanning every conceivable genre from too many artists to really count. So if we missed anyone here, please visit us on Facebook or contact us and let us know what needs to be added. We appreciate the help!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road. Here’s our somewhat-comprehensive list of Binghamton music releases with planned drops in 2024.

2024 Binghamton Music Releases With Release Dates

The new collaboration between Alyssa Crosby & Grown Ups, Loved So Bad, is a short but sweet two-track EP coming March 29th. Read our review here!

The Ithaca power-trio Pocket Bandits are putting out their debut single on April 5th. Titled The Pocket Bandit, this is a mesmerizing track that evokes a strong fantasy theme. Here’s our full review of this incredible prog rock track.

We’re currently working up an artist profile on The Neo Politans as well as a review of their upcoming release, American Harmony, which comes out April 12th. Watch this space for updates!

Caviar & Grits recently announced the May 3rd release date of their new EP The C&G Spot. We had the chance to review it early, and it’s fantastic! You can pre-save the EP here. And in the meantime, check out their 2024 NPR Tiny Desk Entry below. Warning: this song is a serious earworm you’ll be humming all day.

Grown Ups have a second album they’re putting out this year, with the scheduled release of their third studio LP Together, For a Moment slated for a May 10th release. We’ll be reviewing this album as soon as we have it!

Tentative 2024 Binghamton Music Releases

This summer, Damn the Kid plan on releasing their first feature length album, Ava’s Town. We’re excited to hear what this brilliant indie folk rock quartet is cooking up!

Speaking of fantastic local indie acts, Tom Jolu has four projects planned for release over the next two years. Back in December, they revealed they were nearly finished tracking their next album at Abandoned Studios. There’s no official word yet on when their next album will be released, but we’re very eagerly awaiting an early copy to pen up our review. As if this house hasn’t heard the song False Prophet enough already (I really just can’t stop listening to that song).

Peaches and Crime have their new LP Knock ‘Em Dead in the mastering phase. The next studio album from this time traveling vaudeville act doesn’t yet have a release date. But be sure to keep an eye out for their incredible murder mystery shows in the meantime!

Kipani have already released a ridiculously good single this year, All My Friends, which you can check out below. This indie pop trio has a new EP slated for release in 2024 as well, which we’re very much looking forward to reviewing here at Parlor City Sound.

Also on the horizon are a planned LP from Revenants, plus new upcoming singles by Gunpoets and Front & Main.

2024 Releases Available Now

On February 1st, Binghamton music scene newcomer Zach Rouhana released his debut LP Inverted Fantasy. This incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist laid down a staggering 57 minutes of music for his freshman album, featuring a unique guitar-driven indie-folk sound reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, Built to Spill, and the later catalog of Radiohead. It’s definitely worth giving a listen.

Legendary Americana act Driftwood have been one of the biggest breakout success stories of the Binghamton music scene for quite a while. Their latest album, December Last Call, was released March 22nd. Be sure to read our review of this masterpiece album.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned! We plan on updating this article as regularly as possible with upcoming Binghamton music releases. And if you know of any Binghamton music scene acts big or small with new music coming in EP or LP form, please let us know. We’d love to report on and review them.

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