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I’ve always been a sucker for modern music acts that capitalize on retro sounds. Monophonics, Curtis Harding, Sloan, White Denim, Midlake, Vulfpeck, the Datsuns … I could list these performers I adore all day. But I’d much rather talk about a band on the rise in the Binghamton music scene that easily belongs within those very same ranks—the impeccably talented Front & Main.

Keeping with the Binghamton tradition of putting original twists on established genres, Front & Main put the rock in soul rock. Their powerful, gritty, soulful vocals are driven forward with bluesy rock and roll purity and R&B flow that get your hips moving. There’s a wealth of tone on offer here. Huge drums, bass riffs that run instead of walk, blues guitar mastery, and some of the best damn organ grooves I’ve heard in a very long time. Front & Main are sonically and lyrically brilliant. There’s simply no other way to put it.

Front & Main burst into the Binghamton music scene last spring, around the same time Parlor City Sound was getting started. We’ve been wanting to add them to our artist profiles practically since day one. And we’ll be reviewing their 2023 EP Look Both Ways in the near future, too, which was released last summer, when we were still getting the kinks out of our website.


As an act, Front & Main are newcomers to the Binghamton music scene, having formed in the Fall of 2022. But at their core, this band is practically an upstate New York supergroup of talented and well-established regional musicians.

The core of the band consists of powerhouse frontman Paul Shotwell and the invariably skillful Michael Wu, whose impressive CV includes Gunpoets, Triple Down, Maddy Walsh & the Blind Spots, Diwas Gurung, and LGN. He’s also worked with KidBess, Randy McStine, Tim Ruffo, and Devinne Meyers.

Joining them in the studio and on stage are several immeasurably gifted regional musicians: Endicott’s Mary Tewksbury (Next to Kin), Vestal guitarist Brian Tyneway of Triple Down, Ithaca’s Samuel B. Lupowitz on keys, Binghamton’s Al Miele on drums, and Owego bassist Jacob Kurtz (Glenmary’s Ghost).

Front & Main had a busy release calendar in 2023, including their aforementioned debut LP Look Both Ways and two singles, Watching the Stars and Someday Soon. They’ve put on several shows in the area, including a performance at Ithaca Festival 2023. They were booked to appear at the Harper M. Stantz Rec Park Music Festival in 2023 as well, but were unavailable to make the rain date.

Front & Main have a lot of exciting stuff coming up soon, including several singles planned for release in 2024 and upcoming gigs in the works as well. We’ll update you on their goings-on as soon as we know more!

Learn More about Front & Main

Be sure to read Front & Main’s Pitch Perfect review, and see their feature on the JFJ Conspiracy podcast too. And while you’re at it, visit these links and follow them online. You’ll definitely want to go see this band live whenever you get the chance:

Front & Main are an unsigned, self-represented band. For bookings and press/ media inquiries, please contact the band at

Front & Main are fronted by Michael Wu (left) and Paul Shotwell (right)
Front & Main are fronted by Michael Wu (left) and Paul Shotwell (right)
Front & Main put on a rad live show you'll want to check out when you get the chance
Front & Main put on a rad live show you’ll want to check out when you get the chance

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