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At Parlor City Sound we’re always keen on promoting emerging artists. Though it’s a rare treat to write an artist profile on a music act that became official a week ago. We like to wait until an act has at least one foot through the door. A few gigs done, a single on Spotify, etc. But that qualifying feat for Zach Rouhana is pretty big. He came onto the Binghamton music scene with the release of a full album on February 1st. We reviewed his debut LP Inverted Fantasy here, but here’s a brief spoiler: it’s good!

Zach Rouhana’s music might be summed up as alternative indie-folk. His music is a sonic tapestry painted in blue. Or as Rouhana himself describes it, “guitar based music full of harmonies and sadness.” It’s an emotional deep dive wrapped in beautifully layered, technically impressive multi-instrumentalism.

You can definitely hear his influences in his music—John Frusciante, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and Alex G. Personally, I hear some overtones from acts like Built to Spill, Broken Social Scene, and Grizzly Bear as well, with a slight echo of Modest Mouse and the Pixies dashed in here and there.


Zach Rouhana is a solo artist hailing from Vestal, New York. And when we say “solo artist,” we mean Zach Rouhana is playing every instrument on his freshman release and singing his own harmonies. His instrumental competency earns high marks across the board, though his guitar talent seems to particularly shine through on Inverted Fantasy.

We can’t stress enough just how recently Zach Rouhana became a solo artist. His debut LP Inverted Fantasy was released on February 1st of this year. For reference, we’re writing this on February 9th. So as a solo artist, Rouhana hasn’t had a chance yet to establish himself in the Binghamton music scene quite as much as the other artists we’ve profiled. But given his immense musical talent, we have very high hopes we’ll see him making a big splash in the future. Make no mistake, Zach Rouhana is destined for big things.

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Given that Zach Rouhana broke onto the scene just last week, it’s understandable that he hasn’t had a chance to establish his music marketing infrastructure just yet. We’ll update this profile when he does, but in the meantime, you can check him out by visiting the following spaces:

Zach Rouhana is an unsigned, self-represented solo artist. You can contact him directly via email at for bookings and press/ media inquiries.

The album cover for Zach Rouhana's debut album Inverted Fantasy. Used with permission
The album cover for Zach Rouhana’s debut album Inverted Fantasy. Used with permission

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