Parlor City Sound: Helping the Binghamton Music Scene Thrive

Parlor City Sound aims to help the musicians, businesses, and music fans of the Binghamton music scene thrive in harmony.

Parlor City Sound aims to help musicians, businesses, and music fans thrive in harmony.

Welcome to Parlor City Sound, a site geared toward promoting and enhancing the Binghamton music scene by promoting the music acts, events, and small businesses that make our local music so special.

Our mission is to help foster positive growth within the Binghamton music scene, as well as in the many other music scenes of the underserved region of New York colloquially known as “Upstate.” But this isn’t as simple as writing about upcoming shows or pointing our readers toward new bands to try. To really push for growth, we wanted Parlor City Sound to go a lot deeper.

Through education, inspiration, and promotion, Parlor City Sound aims to help musicians, businesses, and music fans thrive in harmony. That means educating musicians and helping them grow professionally and creatively. It means promoting locally-owned businesses related to the music industry and helping them network. And for music fans, it means helping them find new artists and putting events on their radar so there’s never a quiet moment in Upstate New York. We thrive to help the Binghamton music scene grow by connecting all of these moving parts through our content.

Navigating Parlor City Sound

  • The News section tells you about the goings-on of the Binghamton music scene and abroad, as well as upcoming events and releases
  • A&R is home to artist profiles, reviews, and Q&A sessions with artists and acts
  • Main Street is focused on locally-owned small businesses that cater to musicians and music fans
  • The Guides section is jam-packed with educational resources for musicians and business owners

Our Musical Mission

Parlor City Sound aims to help musicians, businesses, and music fans thrive in harmony.

A musician’s voice is something that comes from within, but Parlor City Sound hopes to give that voice a megaphone. We want to interview and profile unsigned and indie music acts from the Binghamton music scene and abroad. We want our content to help musicians grow creatively and professionally, network with other musicians and businesses, and connect with music fans locally and regionally to grow their audience.

The Binghamton music scene needs infrastructure, too. That means helping locally-owned businesses—music stores, repair shops, venues, indie labels, and more—find new customers and build meaningful relationships with them. If your business can help musicians, music fans, or both, we want to work with you to interview you and help steer new clientele to your register. And did we mention we’re not charging your business for that?

A music scene without fans can’t get very far, so we want to help music lovers too. Parlor City Sound will tell you about upcoming live shows and events, new releases from unsigned and indie artists, and help you connect with the artists themselves. From attending a show to buying a t-shirt to totally immersing yourself in the Binghamton music scene, we want to help your love of local music flourish!

Our Binghamton Roots: helping the Binghamton music scene flourish

Binghamton, NY is redefining itself has an art mecca in Upstate New York, and Parlor City Sound hopes to champion the Binghamton music scene

Parlor City Sound aims to promote music scenes all across New York, Northeastern PA, and abroad. But there’s one particular scene that we rather selfishly hope to help grow above all the rest. The Binghamton music scene is bursting at the seams with inspiring talent, and Parlor City Sound predominantly focuses on promoting these brilliant musicians.

Binghamton—the Parlor City—is a city well known for its contributions to technology and innovation. The unofficial capital of New York’s Southern Tier, Binghamton has seen a local renaissance happening in recent years that’s obvious to all but the most critical of cynics. A movement of expansion, a rapidly blossoming art scene, and a renewed and growing sense of local pride—Binghamton has upward mobility now, and the Binghamton music scene has been flourishing as well.

We want Parlor City Sound to draw attention to unsigned and indie acts everywhere. But in doing all of that, we hope we can also give a solid platform to Binghamton musicians and businesses that might get ignored elsewhere. There’s no reason we can’t do both, right? We want to hear from unsigned and indie acts everywhere, but we’re especially interested in covering releases, events, bands, and businesses in the Greater Binghamton and Southern Tier regions. Big or small, we want to hear from you. And if you have any ideas for how we can better serve the Binghamton music scene, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

We hope you dig Parlor City Sound, and if you’d like to see us cover anything in particular or if you’re a band or a business in the market for some free publicity, hit us up!